Living with Asthma


According to the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America, asthma affects almost 24 million Americans and is the most costly and common diseases.┬áSince there is no cure for asthma, it is important for patients to closely follow their treatment plan and follow their doctor’s orders.

Asthma is diagnosed by a few different ways that include a detailed medical history, a complete physical exam, lung function tests, and chest/sinus X-ray.

By learning what triggers the asthma episodes, patients can prevent them by avoiding those triggers. That being said, if patients properly follows their treatment plan, he or she can still live normal lives and enjoy their usual activities.

Asthma triggers include allergies, irritants in the environment, exercise, respiratory illnesses, weather, medication, and even strong emotions. Even for exercise-induced asthma, patients do not need to limit their physical activity as long as they are following proper treatment.

If you are traveling with asthma, take a look at the AAFA’s steps to help you prepare for a safer trip.